Ribbon Cutting at New Palm Beach Zoo Tiger Habitat

April 28, 2015

Mata the tiget at the Palm Beach Zoo

In early March, hundreds and hundreds of tigers appeared at the Palm Beach Zoo. Or rather, people wearing tiger masks.

The event was held by the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society as a celebration of the new tiger habitat in the zoo. Filled with fun events for families and visitors seeking enjoyment and knowledge, the dedication also featured a ribbon cutting ceremony – or rather, a ribbon untying ceremony, as the ribbon will be recycled for future use, which helps to keep with the Zoo’s mission for sustainability.

The new habitat allows the tigers more room and more comfort overall. It allows the zoo to house four tigers at the same time – something that wasn’t possible before as the area was insufficient for giving tigers the space they needed.

The creation of the habitat is due mostly, in part, because of the help and financial support by the Braman BMW dealership in West Palm Beach, Florida. The sponsorship provided by Braman BMW allowed the zoo to continue on with the best in care for the tigers, as well as finally being able to give them the living quarters they truly deserve.

Tigers are strong, beautiful creatures, and the folks over at Braman BMW appreciate all that they bring to the world. They’ve been more than happy to help the zoo with what they need when it comes to tiger care. For those with Club Braman, a close up with the Malaysian tigers at the zoo was an exciting part of the day, as well as seeing other animals.

It was a good day for everyone involved, humans and animals alike, as the zoo celebrates the brand new habitat for their tigers and looks forward to future endeavors that help them improve other areas of the zoo and bring more people in to see these beautiful animals in the hopes of boosting conservation around the world. And the Braman BMW dealership West Palm Beach will be right behind them!

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