To Buy or Lease? Which Luxury Car Option is Right for You?

March 10, 2016

BMW Dealership | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

The age old question when it comes to cars is whether or not you should buy a car or simply lease it. You may see any number of BMW car dealers talk about BMW leasing, but what if you want to buy one? Then again, what do you want to actually spend on the car? It can be tricky, given the various pros and cons of each choice, so take some of the following into consideration, and then head down to Braman BMW dealership to make your final decision.

If you decide to own the car, that’s it. You buy it. You will most likely end up making monthly payments on the car, and these will vary depending upon how much you decide to put down, as well as which vehicle you decide to get. But once it’s yours, you can do whatever kind of customization you like. You have that great feeling of ownership, and can proudly say that you own a brand new BMW. One of the few downsides of owning a car is depreciation. Still, a BMW retains far more of its value than a number of other car makes. And when you take great care of it, should you ever decide to trade it for something else – or another BMW – you should be able to get a fair amount out for it.

Leasing is if you don’t want to spend as much money over time; the monthly payments for a lease tend to be lower. BMW car dealers often are more than happy to offer various BMW leasing specials, often designed so you pay only a fraction of the total price of the car. Things to look out for when leasing? Make sure you don’t go over the allotted mileage, and take excellent care of the car. You can’t do any customization, but once your lease time is up, you can simply swap it out for another car if you want, which means the possibility of a brand new, different BMW car every handful of years.

Both choices are well worth it when it comes to BMWs. You can also ask the representatives at the Braman BMW dealership. They can help give you a better idea of what might work for your lifestyle and get the ball rolling so you can go home in a brand new BMW beauty.

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