Why Buy a BMW 3 Series?

July 20, 2018
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When you buy a BMW 3 Series, it’s your entry car to the brand. Well, this is no longer always the case. BMW has expanded options for their “entry level” cars, freeing up the 3 Series to get a bigger dose of luxury, technology, and prestige.

Driver-Focused Experience

Why buy one in the first place? Three decades ago, the BMW 3 Series was the economy-focused model. Today, it’s found a more developed niche balanced right between the incredible performance of high-end BMWs and the accessibility of entry-level models.

Next-Gen Engineering

This provides access to BMW’s terrific driver-focused design. Everything is built to connect driver to road. You respond to the road, and the car’s reaction is immediate. This is the BMW design philosophy that the 3 Series immediately lets you sit down inside.


The 3 Series provides access to BMW’s considerable brand prestige. Perhaps you’re traveling back to the sleekness and fuel efficiency of the F30 cars or the sophisticated design of the 300 hp E90 models. Whichever new or used BMW 3 Series you choose, you’re getting a prestige car that turns heads. It makes the drivers you accelerate past marvel. You’ll see valets smile and nod in appreciation when you pull up. It makes you feel good.


When you buy a BMW 3 Series car that’s pre-owned, you need a partner to ensure that it’s in the best shape possible. It should feel just like a brand new car, whether you’re driving it to work or enjoying it on a weekend drive along the coast. You need assurances in the world we live in today, and a staff of service people who will back them up.

Whether you are interested in purchasing, leasing, or pre-owned options, find what you need here.

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