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  • The BMW X Series, including the X5, for sale in Palm Beach
    Welcome to the Braman BMW dealership West Palm Beach location. There are hundreds of BMWs here for you to choose from. Bold colors, swift lines, tops down, SUVs ready – no matter what walk of life you strive for, there is a BMW for you. The BMW X Series is a stunning lineup of the
  • New 2015 BMW X5 Lease Special at Braman BMW in West Palm Beach, Florida
    The beauty of the BMW SUV is hard to ignore – if possible at all. It’s such an amazing blend of hard, tough SUV design and classic, smart power of a BMW. In so many varying colors, it’s like looking at a field of gems, each one raw and ready to be cut in the
  • Braman BMW X3 Lease Special Offer in West Palm Beach, Florida
    BMW does so many good things. Each and every time they bring out something new, it’s just what we’ve been waiting to enjoy. When people requested an SUV, BMW took note, and after years of concepts, experimenting, and finding the perfect balance between distinguished BMW style and an SUV design, they brought up their BMW
  • Braman BMW X5 Lease Special Offer in West Palm Beach, Florida
    There’s something special about the BMW X Series. No one can deny that. So when new BMW offers come your way, and they happen to be BMW X Series lease deals, you know it’s the best time to take advantage of the great weather in a new BMW. Your biggest difficulty now? Choosing the one
  • BMW X3 Lease Special_WPB - June 2015
    So many BMW choices. Which is your favorite? A difficult question to answer, though some gravitate toward the BMW X Series. A little more on the rugged side, but still filled with plenty of sleek design, you can’t go wrong with one. Whether you’re eyeing the X1 sDrive28i or the X5 xDrive50i, there are several
  • BMW X Series Lease Special - June 2015
    Buying a new BMW SUV is exciting. Just the thought of cruising around sunny Florida in your brand new BMW is enough to get the heart pumping. But which BMW do you invest in? Likewise, which BMW dealership do you visit? With so many choices, it can seem like a tough decision. Especially when the