Environmental Company Chooses BMW i3 Electric Vehicle for Its Fleet

June 22, 2018
BMW i3 Electric Vehicle | BMW i3 For Sale | Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, Florida

Cross Atlantic Solar is a company dedicated to designing solar-power systems to fit a wide variety of homes and businesses. Building an environmentally responsible world is integral to their mission. It spoke volumes when Managing Director Mark Langley considered a wide range of potential vehicles, and ultimately chose the BMW i3 electric vehicle for his company’s fleet.

An Electric Vehicle with Range

Cross Atlantic Solar’s 30 employees design, install, and service solar electricity and solar hot water systems up and down the coast of Florida. They need a car that can go as far south as Key West and as far north as Jacksonville. It wouldn’t make much sense for a company focused on renewable energy to drive gas-powered cars. A BMW i3 for sale can be range extended, and it can fast charge in as little as 20 minutes.

Performance Across Florida

Making the choice easier, Florida boasts 34 EVgo stations, 26 of which are dotted up and down the east coast. That number is only expected to grow, making electric driving even easier. Langley highlighted the i3’s range and reliability, but also cited performance as a factor. Not all electric vehicles perform as impressively as the i3.

The choice was made easy given Langley’s experience with Braman BMW West Palm Beach. He owns two BMWs personally – the 750 Li and the X5 SUV – and highlighted various Braman team members for thanks.

Consistent Support

Now, a solar company like Cross Atlantic Solar doesn’t just put their cars in the parking lot to look pretty. They use them every day. As fleet cars, they’ll be put through their paces. Langley made special mention of Braman’s servicing, where any car dropped off for servicing gets a BMW replacement loaner. This is crucial for businesses as well as for personal-use vehicles. That kind of consistent support is critical.

Take a look at the BMW i3 for sale, a car that blends environmental responsibility with range, reliability, and performance. Even green energy companies are choosing it.

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